Let's start with hello.


I'm Stacy. I'm thrilled to be a photographer. I'm so entirely grateful to be able to be a woman business owner and an artist. My biggest joy is to encourage those around me. We can all learn something from each other.

I'm also proud to be an avid promoter of seeking to improve the stigma of mental health care. I've even decided that mental health should be part of my brand at Bloom Like Wildflowers.

You're not going to experience picture perfect Instagram feed kind-of-days every single day. That's not even possible. And you know why? It's okay to not be okay.

I'm blessed to have a wonderful and supportive circle of friends and family. I regularly get to work with my biggest supporter, who also happens to be my husband.

Photography is Poetry

Photography in bloom

I want to be your photographer to document your life.... Your REAL life, not just the social media perfect happy glimpses in time. Sure, I love weddings and parties and picture perfect holiday scenes. That said, I want to be here to be a supporter through the bad stuff too. I've photographed families moments before they put down a family pet. I've shot boudoir photographs days before the model had a double mastectomy.

No matter how raw the topic, beauty can be found
Let's find beauty.


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"Trusting Stacy with our family photos was a no brainer. She is incredible at what she does."

Jennifer L.